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Willem Ardui



Willem Ardui has had a hold on the Flemish music world for some time now. His early solo work began with the song 'Morse' in 2016, which along with 'Beziel Me' gave a glimpse of Ardui's ability to transport the listener in a soft and tender way. His songs are whispers for the listening ear. Delicate confessions and intimate secrets that sound like a reflection of his soul.
After an eight-year odyssey, Ardui finally docks with his long-awaited debut album “Oevers”.

Many will recognize him as the producer-singer of Blackwave. But where Blackwave's songs. energetic and exuberant, Ardui's solo project leans towards a more intimate and calmer tone. This side of his musicality manifests itself while whispering in his native language.

“Luister. En fluister het van de daken.” – Het Parool

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