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School Is Cool



In the meantime, it has been running and counting for more than 13 years.
What once started as a group of young guys who won Humo's Rock Rally in 2010, there are now true musicians on stage with a solid live reputation.
They now have five albums to their name and a lot of hits including 'Close', 'The World is gonna end tonight' and 'I'm not fine'. Fact about this song, it was a comfort song for many during the corona period.
Another fact, their fourth album is called 'Things That Don't Go Right' and was released just when corona broke out. No pun intended.

The fun between Johannes Genard, Hanne Torfs, Toon Van Baelen, Michaël Lamiroy and Niels Meukens exudes an indie pop sound with the necessary weirdness, both live and on their albums.

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