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Bobbi Lu


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Would you starve yourself for over 4 years as an act of protest against the invention of the smartphone? Sounds incredibly stupid, right? And so the British Lucy Ryan preferred to leave that part of herself behind to cross the pond to Belgium, chasing love, the opposite of what she had chased at home.
That was ten years ago. Last year she appeared on stage as Bobbi Lu, supporting artists such as Sylvie Kreusch, Eefje de Visser and The Haunted Youth for their sold-out show in the AB. The big gap that still yawns in the story may be filled by the music. Piano melodies intertwine with lyrics that bubble up from that hole. Deep crackling bass. Influences from Radiohead to FKA Twigs, Jeff Buckley, Caroline Polacheck. Can you call this the blind processing of a time that was thrown in the trash? Let's stick to recycling.
She will release her debut album on Mayway Records at the end of 2024.

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